Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's not that bad, I promise.

Last night's post was just a quick one because I found out yet another old friend is pregnant. That's 2 old friends I found out about in just the past 2 days. Plus I'm planning the sister's baby shower, so I've been knee-deep in cute little baby faces, tiny baby booties, and great big pregnant bellies.

Honestly, things are actually going quite well here. Dh has been home most of this week. Yay. I know some people pitch fits when their husbands are home and in the way, but I love having him around. The kids do too.

The bad news is that he'll be away again soon, but not for very long. He'll be gone for 10 days, then home for 10 and then gone again for 10. The really bad part of this news is that he'll miss the girls' birthday AGAIN. The good news, though, is that, by some lucky foresight, I scheduled their party for the weekend BEFORE their birthday (which my mother will pitch a fit about because in Italian supersticion, that's very bad luck). Turns out, he's scheduled to leave that day, but he'll leave later in the day. Yay. Daddy will be there for their party.

Girl2 pitched a fit last year when dh was originally scheduled to leave for his deployment before their birthday. She burst into tears and announced,

"NO. Daddy has to be here for my birthday. We need Daddy and cake or else we won't have a birthday and I'll be 3 forever. I don't want to be 3 forever!" (that last part was announced with tears, screams and stomping)

At the last minute, they rescheduled him and he left at 3 am the morning after their party. So lucky for them, he was here not only for their actual birthday, but also their party (where there was cake) which ensured that they would move on up to the next age.

Of course, she forgot that he was also deployed for her 2nd birthday, so by her logic, she would have never turned 3 since, while we had cake, we didn't have the requisite daddy at her 2nd birthday party.

Regardless, there will be a party complete with balloons, friends, cake and daddy. So hopefully, even though he's missing the actual day (again), that will be enough to satisfy the birthday dieties (and the kindergarteners).

Things are going well here.

Oh and I finally got new pictures of the youngest of my nephews (I love my brother, but he sucked at keeping in touch pre-baby. One would assume that having a cute little face to photograph would prompt him to write more often in order to share said cuteness. No such luck). My nephew is ADORABLE. See?

I'll leave you on that cute, chubby, blue-eyed note.


Pixie LaRouge said...

Hey, Daddy and cake really do make the party; I never "felt older" until after my party with my Daddy, which often took place in a hotel room with a cake slightly squished through traveling and my brother sitting nearby being a goob a week or two before or after my birthday. Nontheless, Girl2 is right: Daddy there makes or breaks the party :)

Congrats on short trip with a break rather than the long without. Not long is a step in the right direction.

Oh, and the Meezer kitten says "hi" and is making it difficult to type. Must be time to send the Boy over to try to eat him again!

Katie said...

I'm glad daddy will be there for the party. That is the most important thing for them right now. Mmmmm, cake. Sounds so good right now. ANy ideas as to what the girls want? I think I pretty much have one gift chosen. I just need ideas for girl1