Saturday, May 27, 2006

Times like this, I doubt the existence of a higher power.

I believe in G-d, really, I do. I just think He hates me.

I drove around for nearly an hour to get the kids to sleep. We met a friend at the park. The girls proved how tired they were by being very obnoxious. The boy fell asleep on our way to the car. So I figured I'd get myself a drink and then drive around for a little while until they fell asleep. Girl1 went out fairly quickly. Girl2, however, just wouldn't give up. Finally, I figured, "Screw it. I'm going home."

Girl2 toyed with my emotions by starting to fall asleep just blocks from home, but she thought better of it. When we pulled in, she pretended to be asleep. It was obvious she was awake, though, so I told her, "Get down. Get your shoes. Go in and go to bed."

She freaked out big time. Much screaming ensued. This wasn't just whining. These were screams of torture (in the sense that she sounded as though she was being tortured and in the sense that I was tortured by the sound). So I got Girl1 out quickly while her sister screamed. She did eventually get down and walk to the door, though, screaming the whole time.

I got them in bed (Girl2 still screaming) and went back to get the boy. I found him staring up at me wide awake. It was at that point that I put my head down on his car seat and cried.

G-d hates me!

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Anonymous said...

Your girls just had the 4yo birthday, right? The two months after A turned 4 were complete and total hell. I wasn't alone, either, except for 2 weeks of it. ...Leah