Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ring ring ring. Will someone get the telephone?

Title courtesy of the Telephone Song from For the Kids Too (a really cool CD for kids that they like well enough, but I absolutely adore).

Dh called this morning. He's stuck. In the military's usual "Hurry up and wait," fashion, they rushed his team to an earlier leave date only to have them stuck in Kuwait (not their final destination). No one knows when they (or the other 3 groups stuck waiting for flights) will get to hop a plane out of there. Dh is currently living in a tent and the high yesterday was 105 degrees. Oh happy day!

Hey, I'll live with my "emotional floating" as long as I get air conditioning.

He sounds like he's in good spirits which is a wonderful thing because when he's away, he tends to fall pretty hard. This deployment is particularly dificult for him because the boy is so young. He's going to be a completely different little boy when dh comes home.

Dh was TDY for a few weeks last month. He couldn't get over how much the boy had changed in that short amount of time (of course the baby chose that time to hit a few new milestones--never fails).

I have some news of my own about what a great day I had, but I'll post that in another entry.

Now I've heard from the husband, so slap a big grin on my face.

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