Monday, May 22, 2006


15 days

That's how long I lasted before my first breakdown.

The boy is teething something awful, so he hardly slept over the past few days. That, of course, means I get even less sleep than him.

It's been annoying, but not that bad. Then last night, he actually slept a decent span, so I did as well. I got about 5 consecutive hours of sleep which has been unheard of around here with the erupting of the teeth. That combined with the fact that those consecutive hours were the ONLY sleep I got left me feeling completely exhausted.

The boy woke up earlier than usual and refused to go back to sleep.

Then I changed a diaper and broke down.

The boy cried. I picked him up and he stopped. I put him back down to change him and he screamed again. I started changing his diaper and as part of Screamapalooza 2006, he slammed his feet into his dirty diaper.

Breakdown ensued. I finished changing him, grabbed him, and headed to the bedroom where I screamed and cried for a few minutes.

All I want is a few more hours of sleep, but no one will help me. I went through the mental list of friends praying I could find SOMEONE who would be willing/able to pop over to just watch my kids so I could go back to bed for a few more hours. This one is too busy. That one is too far away. Another one is too far away AND too busy. That one won't come.

I know I'm bad about asking for help, but at the same time, I know full-well that I'm not the only one in the world with problems. So I don't want to go asking people who I know are busy thereby making them feel guilty. It's not their fault they have their own lives/families/issues/etc. And no, for once, I'm NOT being sarcastic.

And now the baby's crying again. I'm SO FREAKING EXHAUSTED.

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SLYM said...

Now, if only I could find the money...I'd be there in an instant taking the kids off to an EXTRA LONG park day (ending with Mc Donalds and ice cream).

But MY house is always here for you. I could take the kids to the science museum while you sleep!!! That ould give you a good 8 hiours right there.