Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I put the girls to bed nearly 2 hours ago. They're still awake. Not only are they awake, they're climbing all over (and under) things. It seems pretty slight when I write about it, but it's frustrating as hell. I don't know what the hell to do with them. I plan on going to bed soon and I'm pretty sure they'll be awake when I do. When they're awake, they're not just up. When they're awake and I'm not with them, they're in destruction mode. If it's in their reach (and often even if it's not), I will find it in pieces in the morning.

I tried to put us all to bed early yesterday to make up for getting up at 3 am. I fell asleep pretty easily, but I had to get up SO MANY times to deal with the girls who were doing everything but sleep. I was absolutely furious at them.

I'm not the queen of patience to begin with and when you add lack of sleep, a deployed husband, and kids who insist on staying awake (and being destructive at the same time) to the mix; don't be shocked if I start breathing fire.

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SLYM said...

I wish I could come visit so you can sleep and I can goof off with the girls and put them back to sleep!!!! Ugh I hate that I an't fly off to see you at a moments notice when you need someone there.