Monday, May 15, 2006

Did you say "30," or "13?"

I just found out a huge number of our old friends have accounts on Um...What?

Now I can kinda see it for those who are single and/or artists. I understand it can be a good networking tool (and apparently was created for bands to use to promote themselves). What I don't get are those who are married or committed and have these elaborate accounts on there.

Didn't you leave that teen angst stuff behind long ago?

Dh's friends drink, like you may expect of someone 10 years younger than they actually are. At his high school reunion, they had to close the bar early because their tab had run up OVER the maximum allowed amount. There were maybe 30 of them there. This was NOT a huge affair.

And what did they do after the reunion? They hit the bars. Even the folks with kids did. We didn't. We walked walked away baffled by how much people can NOT change.

Last time we went to visit, I asked dh if he wanted to call up some of the old. He said he didn't because all they ever want to do is hit the bars and that's just not him anymore. Mind you, he still drinks. We both do. But I was never into the bar scene and he's been over it for a long time. It's what they do, though--all the time.

Maybe I'm out of it, but that's so foreign to me. For us, that's something you do when you're much younger. If you're in your 30s and still hitting the bars, it just looks awfully desperate.

And now we stumble across these Myspace accounts. I just wrote to dh and asked, "Are they 30 or 13?"

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SLYM said...

I have one, so I can monitor all of my youth at work