Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just a day, just an ordinary day. Just trying to get by.

Yes, I just quoted Vanessa Carlton for my title. I'm hanging my head in shame.

Well, Mothers' Day actually turned out to be a pretty decent day.

The girls made me cards in Sunday School (I HATE calling it that. Sounds far too Christian) that said, "I love you Eema." Although the girls kept insisting it said, "Emma," because they know how to read Emma (their friend's name) and it is awfully close. Plus, "Eema" is Hebrew for "Mom," and they don't call me that, so they were really baffled.

FYI: "Abba" is Hebrew for Daddy.

Their teacher asked them why they love me and she wrote their responses in the cards. Girl1 loves me just because she loves me. Girl2 loves me because she misses me when I'm gone (hmmm... Do you think she has Daddy on the brain?).

After that, we rushed off to lunch with a friend. I got there late and she had already put our names in, so I only had to wait about 5 minutes to be seated. Yay.

Now lunch was a harsh mistress. Or more precisely, the boy was a cranky baby. I got to eat very little and had to deal with a screaming baby. That meant I was not the most sympathetic or in-tune person when it came to the girls. I felt bad about that. They're the ones who initiated me into this club called "Motherhood," but I think the nicest thing I said to them during the whole meal was, "Please just sit down and be quiet."

I got to eat very little and the waitress wouldn't come back to give me more water. I would chalk it up to being busy, but another super cool waiter (not ours) kept coming over to play with our kids. If he can find time to tickle a baby, then the waitress who is relying on us for a tip can certainly take the 2 seconds to pour me a glass of water. Of course the boy fell asleep in the sling when I had already lost my appetite and started packing food in boxes.

Stopped on the way home and got myself some iced coffee. For a few brief moments, all was right with the world.

Got home and found dh had called. Why he didn't try the cell phone after he realized I wasn't home I'll never understand. I also found he had called his mother which made me happy. I felt bad because I forgot to remind him today was Mothers' Day last time I talked to him. So I'm glad he not only realized it, but thought to call her as well.

On my way to grab the phone to call a friend, I tripped over a box while holding the boy. I lost my grip on him and wound up holding him only by one arm. I was terrified that I had broken his arm. When I asked if he was okay, he laughed. I'll take that as a "Yes." After I was certain he was okay, I noticed my ankle really hurt. Funny how that works.

I finally got to the phone and called that friend. She invited us over for dinner. We went and fun was had by all. The bigger kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. Well, the baby did too, but in his usual fashion, he woke up when I tried to bring him in the house. Never fails. Dh is the only one the baby will stay asleep for. Lots of good that does me.

It wound up being a really good day (minus the "No more water for you," thing and the sore ankle). And so I say, "Yay," to friends. Give me some pom poms and I'll make up a whole freaking cheer about them. Just don't ask me to don one of those tiny skirts. I haven't gotten my body back yet after having the boy and trust me, one of those teeny tiny cheerleader skirts on me would make you cry.

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