Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Danger, Will Robinson

Have you all seen these commercials for sleeping pills?

I can't remember if it's Lunesta or Ambien, but one of them has a warning that absolutely baffles me.

Here's the gist of the warning from the t.v. ad:
"Until you know how you will respond, you should not drive or operate machinery after taking (whatever sleeping pill it is)."

Wait just one minute. When is it EVER appropriate to do those things after taking a sleeping pill?

If you take the pill and it makes you drowsy like it's supposed to do, then you sure as hell shouldn't be driving/working a forklift. If you take the pill and it doesn't make you drowsy (aka: do what it's supposed to do), then you stop taking the pill.

So who on earth is that warning for? Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone at all?


SLYM said...

It's for me......I love driving heavy machinery when I am on sleeping pills. It's one of my favorite pasttimes

Kamrin said...

It was probably issued for the proud folks who have taken Preperation H internally, and blow dried their hair while in the tub.

Anonymous said...

".. you should not take this medication if you are salivating, breathing, or mentallly cognizant in any way." oy. ;) Trish

Reiza-Mara said...

The whole thing reminds me of the warning in a super hero costume. It said, "Cape does not enable wearer to fly." he he he