Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Names for Toys

Thirteen Awesome Toy Names

The Dog had a stuffed bear that he got after we had him fixed. Dh thought it would be funny to name the bear YourNuts. He was right. That way, we could throw the toy and ask, "Where's YourNuts?" This was particularly hilarious when you remember the dog had just been neutered. What was even better was when the dog tore a hole in the bear while dh was on the phone with his father. Girl1 ran in and yelled, "The Dog destroyed HisNuts." My father-in-law was horribly confused, but we were amused beyond words.

Aka the rabbit we gave the dog to replace YourNuts.

3....Seizure Bear
When my daughters were tiny babies, my parents gave them these horrible bears that laughed maniacally and shook like crazy when you pushed their stomachs (ala Tickle Me Elmo). We donated one and took to calling the other one Seizure Bear.

4....Hello Mr. Zebra
The girls had this Zebra toy. I named it Hello Mr Zebra in honor of a Tori Amos song. I also call TheBoy's bedtime toy by the same name. Original? Maybe not. Addicted to Tori Amos? Hell yeah!

The girls have an anatomically correct stuffed boy doll. When asked what they wanted to name him, they insisted we name him Nodoubt. At the time, we had just gotten a copy of No Doubt's greatest hits collection and we spent much time dancing around the house to it, so I assume that's where they got that from.

Girl2 just loves that name. Not sure why. I find a stuffed animal named Bob to be amusing.

7....Jew Bear
This menorah-holding (formerly) music-playing bear wearing a kipah. He's from my parents. All the really annoying toys are. I joke that he's Pooh Bear's second cousin. You know they're related because they have the same last name.

When the girls were about 18 months old, they were given their first real doll. My mom and I asked them what they wanted to name her. Girl2 said, "Dopeadopeadope." And so, Dopeadope it was.

Girl2 (the queen of odd names) decided one of her dolls' was named Ungodlyketchup. I still don't know why.

That's the middle name of one of Girl2's favorite toys. She insisted she wanted to name him Cat. I pointed out that he was not a cat. She then declared that would be his middle name.

11....Made In China
My brother gave the girls plastic fairies last year for their birthday. When they flipped them over, they saw writing on the bottom. Girl1 asked, "What's that?" Girl2 insisted, "That's her name." It said "Made in China" and so, that was her name as per my daughter's decree. FTR, I unfortunately had to throw Made In China and her winged sisters away the other day because of the lead paint concerns.

When I was 5, I got a baby doll which I insisted on naming Jesus. My mother tried to talk me out of it, but I was persistent.

While not exactly a toy name, the girls once had an animal picture book. As babies, I never taught them "Pig." Instead, I taught them that the cute little smiling picture was "Treif (not kosher)." They didn't learn the word "Pig," until they were 3 or so, but from the time they were a year old, if you asked them, "Where's the treif," they would point to the picture of the pig and smile proudly. As they got older, when you pointed to the picture, they would proudly announce in their little voices, "Treif." My mother got annoyed and said, "That's awful," to which I replied, "But accurate."

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Bloggers said...

That was a great read!!

My 13 is up on Working at Home Mom

Robin said...

Ungodly Ketchup and Notacat - those are some fabulous toy names for sure!

mom huebert said...

Wow. Very creative. Or maybe just oddball. I'm not sure. :)

I don't remember any toy names right off, but we've had such memorable pet names as WhiteCat, BlackNose, and Meep...!

Pixie LaRouge said...

DC just named a doll "Princess." I tried to discourage her, but her brother's idea was "Butterfly," so I caved on Princess. However, all I can think about is the fact that Kitchen Cat's original name was Princess. I hope this doll doesn't develop KC's personality...

Samantha_K said...

This is the best list I've read so far today. So funny!
My boys have a stuffed dog named Whosiwhatsis. They heard me say that word once, laughed hysterically, and named the toy that.
It still incites a giggling fit, but they are two and four.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How cute. I love all of them, especially YourNuts. Sorry I had a laugh at the dogs expense. Bwahahahah. Have a great TT. :)

Nicholas said...

Young children have a talent for picking the perfect names for their toys!

pixie larouge said...

My favorite is still Dopeadope. Of course, that might be because I have such fond memories of such tiny girls saying it :)