Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In response to my thought-provoking question,

no, I apparently canNOT has powur.

I called it. We were without power all day yesterday. Oh what fun! After a few hours, our phones went down too. Joy!

Of course I hadn't charged my cell phone, so we were trying to conserve our phones as much as possible. Sure, my people experienced a miracle 2000-some-odd years ago in regards to things being powered longer than we expected, but I was not counting on that happening again. If G-d has a miracle up His sleeve, I'm gonna hope it'll be saved for a much more dire situation.

We had candles, flashlights, and batteries for the radio. While listening to said radio, they announced it would be 7-10 days before power could be restored in our area.

After we picked our jaws up off the floor, we got ready to head for a hotel. Dh took the 40 minutes to try to clean off the car (it was a solid sheet of ice). I packed a bag (which is really a large suitcase when you have 3 kids) and relied on the lousy flashlight (the kids managed to lose the good one) to scan the phone book in search of some kennel which was open late and didn't require reservations (in other words, an imaginary one) in which to leave the dog. Then the power suddenly and miraculously came back on. I'm sure what was sudden and miraculous in my interpretation was hours of arduous toil for the fine folks at the power company. I can haz lyts? I can haz powur? I can haz heet? Oh happy day! We were ecstatic.

Our phone and cable came back on this afternoon.

Heat, electricity, internet connection, phones, those are LOVELY Chanukah gifts.

You'll notice that's a solid sheet of ice.

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Katie said...

I am glad you guys are ok. I wanted to call but 1. I can't find your number that i thought I had stored in my phone and on my computer 2. I wasn't sure if you'd have phone or reception with the cell and didn't want to pester you.