Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Indian food on Xmas

I mentioned the Jewish tradition of having Chinese food on Xmas and I ranted because the Chinese food places around here are closed on Xmas.

Well, then we found out that an Indian place I've been to, but dh always wanted to try was open. We later found out the Chinese food place near our house and my very favorite Chinese buffet were also open, but we still went with Indian.

My friends know me better than I do. When I mentioned to a friend that we were going to that Indian place, she said, "But you don't like that place." I insisted that it wasn't my favorite, but it was okay. Yeah, she was right. I was wrong. I don't like that place. It wasn't awful, but not great. I'm glad I went so dh got a chance to try it (he really liked it), but it's not somewhere I'll be going to voluntarily again. My friends, they rock. I need to listen to them more often.

Oh and how's this for a bizarre Xmas moment: there we are, the Jewish family, in an Indian restaurant on Xmas where they're playing a Barry Manilow Xmas DVD complete with him singing Copacabana and a handful of carols including one with Cindi Lauper who was donning bleached blonde high preacher's wife hair all while Manilow and guests had fake snow dumped on them on their indoor set.

Who needs fiction?

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