Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Relatives

Since some holidays have just passed and lots of people spent time with family, I thought I should blog about 13 different family personalities. A local radio station asked callers to give examples a few weeks ago and some of them were hilarious. While these were not taken from those answers, this was inspired by the concept. These are not all from my life. I'm using examples from friends as well.

In no particular order:

1. The high-haired leopard-print-wearing 70-year-old aunt

2. The competitive one who is only "In it to win it" even if the "in it" is a rousing game of Uno and the "win it" is nothing more than bragging rights over a 7-year-old.

3. The pre-teen 2nd cousin who just loves playing with the other kids for hours (and you include her on your "I'm thankful list" every single year)

4. She who can't cook, but insists on doing it anyway

5. The cousin/sister/brother/husband in whom you find solace because he/she is often the only sane one at the table and understands your subtle (or not so subtle) signs of exasperation when #1 tells yet another embarassing story about how, as a child, your toilet always over-flowed and it was always your fault.

6. Whoever brings the good wine (another one to add to the thankful list)

7. The kid/kids who eat everything and therefore make others feel inferior

8. The kid/kids who not only don't eat anything, but who spit out whatever is forced into their mouths, therefore causing other family members to gush even louder about #7.

9. The grandmother who must ask embarassing questions loudly and repeatedly.

10. The poor sucker (whether that is you or someone else) who #9 sets her sights on above all others.

11. The brooding emo teenager/young adult who refuses to speak to anyone if it can be avoided (and sometimes when it can't) and who you're fairly certain was the inspiration behind the brother in Little Miss Sunshine, just minus the part about him really being sweet and sensitive underneath it all.

12. Whoever CAN cook and provides a beautiful spread of gourmet food in order to make up for #4.

13. The family member/members with whom you can laughingly share stories (and sometimes scars) from your youth. It's even better if these are related to events in which you both/all took part and which no one outside your family knows/believes.

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forgetfulone said...

That was quite a list! I think some of my relatives are at your house! LOL

Jeannine said...

You had me nodding ther a few times. Isn't it strange how many families are just so similar...

Have a great 2008!

Nicholas said...

#1 sounds rather fun!

Randilin said...

What a list. Makes me almost regret coming from a very small family. That being said though I can see everyone on that list within one of my friends who I often celebrate the holidays with.

Happy thursday 13