Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One of those mortifying, but oh so funny parenting moments

Today, we hit the mall in search of a Chanukah gift for dh. Yes, tonight is the first night, but I had yet to get/make him a single gift.

While in Hot Topic, Girl1 pointed at something behind me and announced, "Daddy has that."

The sales girl snickered.

I asked, "What does daddy have?"

I turned around to see handcuffs.

Then we left...quickly.


Trish said...

wink, wink...
nudge, nudge,
grin, snicker...

oh, that's right, SURE he was in law enforcement.

tee hee!

http://kamrinskarma.wordpress.com/ said...

That is right Trish! He is "enforcement" alright (at least when the wife lets him!)