Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quotation Wednesday: Kids say the damnest things

Today's Quotation Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of my children:

Today in the sitting room
Girl2: ... I want to be a musician when I grow up
Me: What instrument are you going to play?
Girl2: Um...the piano because Tori Amos plays piano and I really like her.

Today at the park
That boy over there. He's mean. He ruined my imagination.

Today in the car
Girl1: Did they (the military) make daddy leave his guns there because they knew it wasn't safe to have guns at home with kids in the house?
Me: No, they took them away because the guns were theirs and daddy doesn't work for the military anymore, so he doesn't need them.
Girl1: And we don't need guns anyway because we have light sabers, so we can protect ourselves with those.

Yesterday in my room

TheBoy: Poop
Me: Did you poop?
TheBoy: No (signing and saying) cat.
Me: The cat pooped.
TheBoy: (Nods yes) kitteh
Me: The kitten pooped?
TheBoy: (nods yes) Dare (pointing)
Me: Wait, did he poop in the litter box over there?
TheBoy: nods
Me: Dude, that's where he's supposed to poop.
TheBoy: DUDE!

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