Friday, May 04, 2007

"So you are a super star.
Get off the cross we need the wood."

I should have been furious, but I was just in complete disbelief. My mother is going to be the death of me. My 70-year-old mother threw a temper tantrum while I waited to take my daughter to urgent care.

Girl2 was sick. She threw up every 10 minutes. I couldn't get her to keep anything at all down. Even the electrolyte ice pops immediately came back up. She vomited bile. She was obviously getting dehydrated and she was lethargic. I was trying to take care of her while waiting for the doctor's office to open.

My parents were here at the time. My mother started ranting about her neighbor's granddaughter. Mom insisted the girl (who is about 3) should be in pre-school. I forget what I said exactly, but I made some comment about how the family obviously feels she's better with family (she stays with her grandmother during the day). Mom then complained about how the kid never listens to her grandmother. I managed to get mom far enough off the pre-school topic by discussing that family and reminiscing about them (they have lived near my parents for decades. I went to school with the little girl's mother).

Then mom has to throw all my efforts out the window by once again, out of nowhere, announcing, "Kids need to be in pre-school." I asked, "So when did your opinion change? My kids have never been in school. You've never had a problem with that." My mother blew up. She threw her hands up and announced, "I never knew I was such a fucking idiot." Mind you, my mother NEVER drops the F-bomb, so this was a big deal. She flipped out and stormed into the other room where she bitched about it loudly to my father.

I sat there, my sick daughter's head in my lap, in utter disbelief. WTF? My husband's away. I'm trying to take care of a vomiting dehydrated kid and you're not only insulting my parenting (which is strange because she also complains about how dh's cousin and his wife went back to work leaving their son in daycare), but then she hops on the drama llama and rides off leaving a cloud of hugely dramatic dust in her wake.

I ignored her, continued to run back and forth with Girl2 to the bathroom a few more times, then called the doctor. They sent me to urgent care. I took my daughter and left without saying anything to mom. I explained to my dad that I was leaving coffee, filters and cups out for them in case they wanted coffee. I hoped the gesture would help soothe the savage beast. I was not, however, going to give my mother another opportunity to throw a tantrum.

Granted, my mother has done this before with little to no provocation. I shouldn't be surprised, but this was a whole new low.

JSYK, Girl2 is feeling better. We spent 2 hours trying to get a urine specimen. No luck (the kid was dehydrated. Obviously we're not gonna get one). They wouldn't let us leave without one, though. So they gave her a huge glass of water which I had her sip slowly, but she still threw the whole thing up all over the place. The doctor threatened a catheter. I was not pleased. The nurse and I tried a few more tricks. Finally, after 10-12 bathroom trips, a trip to the water fountain, a humongous glass of water, turning the sink on while she sat on the toilet, putting her hand in warm water, and putting a warm washcloth on the girly parts; we got a sample. I'm so glad because we used up all our options. That catheter was the very next step. She has a UTI for which we got antibiotics, but we have no clue what caused the vomiting and swollen tonsils (those suckers are HUGE). We need to follow up with our doctor next week.

Hopefully, by then, her infection (and mom's drama llama) will be gone.

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Krissy said...

I offer you alcohol. Copious amounts of alcohol. And I can even be the DD for ya!