Friday, May 11, 2007

The in-laws are coming. The in-laws are coming.

Apparently, my Paul Revere failed.

I knew they were coming. I just had no idea they were already here. They called dh last night to let them know their plane landed and they were in the area. Problem is dh is IN A DIFFERENT STATE and had his phone off.

So after the gym, and feeding the big kids, and putting the baby down for a nap, but BEFORE my shower, I get a phone call from them. I figure they're just about to take off. I thought they were coming in tonight. No, they're 10 minutes away. Apparently, they got in last night. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

I don't care how much you adore your ILs, you still need time to prepare for their arrival.

So I took the fastest shower in my life, had the kids search the house for exposed unmentionables (they caught the pink panties on the floor, but missed the bra hanging on the bathroom door. I, of course, found that AFTER my brother-in-law had already been in the bathroom), and quickly tried to pick up what I could.

They spent the day here. We're all still standing. Woo hoo.

Dh gets here in a few hours. Thank you, G-d. I don't mean that in a "using G-d's name in vain" way (although in Judaism, we don't take that "commandment" to mean just saying His name. We take it to mean taking an oath in His name). I mean that in a prayerful way. "Thank you, G-d" is much shorter than the text of the Sheheyanu, but basically means the same thing (although the Hebrew blessing is much prettier when set to music).

I know I'm being selfish since my ILs haven't seen the kids in close to a year and a half, but still, I'd like to spend the weekend reuniting with my husband. And no, I didn't initially mean reuniting, but yeah, I wanna do that too--repeatedly--without interruptions.

I'm glad he'll be here to see his family (they haven't seen him since long before he deployed) and I'm also glad he'll be here because when there are two of us, we can activate our Wonder Twin powers to help deal with the stress.

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Krissy said...

Am still very jealous that your ILs must arrive by an hours long ride, mine are a mere fifteen minute drive away. Ahhh the innumberable pleasant visits that affords me.