Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm still here

Lots going on around these parts, but I haven't left you to fend for yourselves.

My parents are visiting. We're super busy. And then my sister went and had a baby. :-)

I have a new baby nephew and I'm so excited. The kids are too. They got to meet him. Well, the big kids did. The wee one got left behind to bond with the grandparents.

Oh, this should tell you a bit about my parents and why having them here is both lovely and stressful:

Earlier in the week, I had a meeting. My parents are staying at a hotel 20 minutes from my house. They planned on coming over before the meeting. THEY GOT LOST. They needed to make the first right out of their parking lot on to one highway. Then they needed to follow that one to just one other high way. It's super simple. They have made this drive before. I have lived in this exact same house for years. They. got. lost. WTF?

Not only did they get lost, they got lost the DAY AFTER I SHOWED THEM EXACTLY WHICH WAY THEY NEEDED TO GO. They got REALLY lost. They went in the opposite direction for about 1/2 an hour before they realized something was wrong. Get this--right way = amusment parks, churches, civilization; wrong way = wide open spaces and Indian reservations. HOW THE HELL DID THEY MANAGE TO GET LOST?

I almost missed the meeting and I spent lots of time shaking my head in disbelief and bitching to my sister (who had not yet had the baby).

Hey, I know I shouldn't bitch too much. They're sweet. They mean well. They try to help. And when all that fails, they provide fodder for the blog. :-)

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