Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Anyone have a bottle of champaign? We could smack it against the side of the computer to christen the blog. Then again, that could damage the computer, it would be a waste of champaign and um...we're Jewish. So maybe we'll have to rethink that. :-)

Welcome to the new digs. So, what do you think?

I opted to take the old blog with me rather than start over. It has, however, been renamed. I ran a few title ideas by my husband and my sister and they both agreed on this one.

Today marks our first full day as civilians. I'm still in shock. Lots of people around me are congratulating me, but that doesn't feel right. I'm relieved, but I'm not celebrating.

I don't know how to feel and I don't know where we fit anymore.

Forgive me for quoting this yet again, but obviously, this really strikes a chord with me (I mean, come on, I named the blog after a quotation of hers).

"Sometimes, you dream in Martian. Your time on Mars has gifted you with a new way of speaking, a new way of looking at the world. And it has robbed you of the easy comfort you once felt in your mother tongue. Kristin Henderson's While They're At War; pg 131

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