Thursday, May 17, 2007

Only in my dreams...

Am I the only one here singing Debbie Gibson thanks to the title?

And of course, a quick trip to YouTube doesn't help.

Dh is gonna think I'm on crack when he hears this from the other room.

He's really gonna question my sanity now that I just searched for old Tiffany videos. I worshipped Tiffany. Hers was the first concert I ever attended. LOVED her.

My Tiffany video-watching marathon will have to wait until after this post, though.

The real reason for this entry is that I've fallen in love with a bed. It's not an adult bed, mind you. It's bunk beds--EXPENSIVE bunk beds, but damn it, they're CUTE and they'd be absolutely perfect in the girls' room.

Kenridge Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

I want them in the Sea Grass green pictured in the photo.

Now pardon me while I drool over children's furniture.

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