Tuesday, October 30, 2007

News of the "I'll be damned."

Dh finally got up into the attic yesterday to drag out the big box o'Halloween stuff wherein TheBoy's costume was packed (since he really didn't wear it last year and it's so cute, I decided to have him use it again). So this morning, I found out it doesn't fit. Aside from a trip to the park today, I've spent the whole day trying to create a new costume. Oh and I leave in 2 days and haven't packed a thing.

While I bought my plane ticket yesterday for the funeral, dh can't get time off. He has enough leave, but they won't let him take it. He can have 1 day off, but he needs 3. Our plan was for dh to stay home with the girls while I went with TheBoy. WTF are we gonna do with our girls? The military sent us here post-9/11. We're only here because this is where they dropped us. Our family isn't here. We're far away from the family that I need to be with. So I can't exactly call up my brother and SIL, my niece, or another cousin and ask them to take the kids all day for 2 whole days.


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Robin said...

We're not military, but we live 6,000 miles from our nearest relative. I feel your pain, if I lived closer I'd offer to take your girls in a heartbeat.