Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Since this has been on my mind

Fabulous explanation of Jewish funeral practices.

Dh and I need to write out our specific plans so that there's no question (and no embalming). I want a traditional Jewish burrial.

FTR, since he mentions yarzeit, my brother's yarzeit is this week (using the Hebrew calendar). It's the 13 of Cheshvan. I have to wonder if we will also lose my cousin* on that day.

The family is currently debating what my cousin's funeral arrangements should be. My mother didn't feel comfortable asking him when he was still lucid. She, however, apparently, feels fine about possibly violating his last wishes. Sorry, but it's a sore spot with this family. My mother disowned her brother when he refused to follow my grandmother's last wishes (which he did to "spite her" because she didn't leave him any money. Although, I must point out that grandma also didn't leave my mom any money even though my mother was the only one who visited with and took care of grandma for the last two years of her life).

Now you see why I want our last wishes explicitly expressed.

10-24 edit
*Special thanks are extended to my niece for noticing that I accidentally used the word "Husband," when I meant "Cousin" Sorry for any confusion.

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kamrin said...

Family! Oye ve!
May you have shalom.