Sunday, October 14, 2007

And now for something different :
homemade food that lasts and lasts

I've been very turned off by all the local toy recalls. We've decided to boycott Mattel and to try to buy more handmade toys that aren't plastic and to make more of our own toys.

I recently fell in love with felt play food. Lily Bean has my favorites (be sure to check out the awesome sushi). As I started looking at some of them, I realized some were very simple. I do NOT sew. Miss Pamela taught us to do a basic straight stitch by hand in the first grade and that's where my expertise ends. I cannot use a machine to save my life.

But some of those looked awfully simple. And they were. In one evening, I made 5 chocolate chip cookies and a pancake with a pat of butter for my kids. All of that used left-over felt we had on hand (and I stuffed them with scraps).

The next day, I lost the remaining felt circles I had put aside to turn into fortune cookies, so I used craft foam for that with hot glue. Makes for super realistic fortune cookies, but I doubt the foam will last very long. I may need to try my hand at actually stitching them, though, because these felt ones look adorable.

On a related note, aren't these too flipping cute?

And in somewhat random, but quasi-related, "I want news," I am absolutely in love with knitted/crocheted cupcakes and donuts (I particularly like these because some of her food doubles as a coin purse, so they're doubly useful (and doubly cute).

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