Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just FTR

I don't remember writing last night's post. I saw I had some comments (I get them e-mailed to me) and I read them, but I didn't remember the entry. When I visited my blog and saw it, I thought it might be a joke. Some of the words sound familiar, but I don't remember writing it. I took an Ambien last night and I tend to have periods where I don't remember things if I stay up too late after that, so I'm guessing that's what happened (especially since it mentions being under the influence right there in the beginning).

This is very strange and eerie.

I don't remember writing it, but everything in there does describe how I'm feeling, so I'm going to leave it up as is (even though the spelling/grammar mistakes make me cringe).

Still, this is kind of creepy.

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