Monday, June 26, 2006

Sleep eludes me. Rants, however, do not.

I'm going freaking insane. I've been writing all these e-mails to dh and I'm not hearing anything back. I know he's busy working crazy hours and it's not easy for him to get to a computer. I understand that. I'm desperately trying to NOT be too demanding, but in this battle, the "I need him right now" side of the brain is beating the logical side to a bloody pulp.

I understand all the things that prevent him from e-mailing, but I still find myself hopping on the computer every chance I get to see if there's new mail. It's driving me mad.

I'd be happy to get any sort of response. "I got your e-mail. I love you too. No time to write," would at least be something. Although, admittedly, I would LOVE a long drawn-out e-mail in response to one of my many.

I know the chances aren't good, but like I said, that logical side of the brain has already been beaten senseless. So the only portion left is the side that forces me to stay up and continually hit, "Send/Receive," in the hopes that a magical, mystical long, gushing e-mail from dh will appear before my wondering eyes.

I know he's a man of few words, but sometimes I just wish it wasn't SO few.

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