Saturday, June 03, 2006

Raspberries and Rabbis

It's Shavuot. If you just read that and found yourself thoroughly confused, check this out: Shavuot.

One of the things we celebrate on Shavuot is the first fruits. Well, our shul took that theme and rolled with it. They asked that all babies born since last Shavuot be brought up to the bimah during services for a special blessing. And so I hauled us all out to services (which is not a small feat).

During the service, the boy kept blowing raspberries. This lead to many giggles from those around us. It was very cute, but I'm always worried what people think. I assume most people are familiar with normal child behavior, but I know many are not. I'm the first one to rush my kids out if they get even the slightest bit loud, but I know some folks can get annoyed at kids for just being kids.

The boy was absolutely fascinated by the rabbi. The running joke in our family is that TheBoy is the most Jewish-looking child we've ever seen. He really is. A friend has taken to calling him "Rabbi," and it fits.

I had to tell TheBoy, "If you're gonna be a rabbi, blowing raspberries during the service is probably NOT your best first step."

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Kamrin said...

Sounds like "baby Rabbi" just was bringing his own new fruit! Go baby boy!