Sunday, June 25, 2006


Seven years ago, we made promises. I dug through the lock box to find the orignal copies to share with you all (and reminisce myself). My phone conversation with dh was cut short (blasted phone lines over there!) before I got to say "I love you," so I consoled myself by reading over these.

He said:

I promise to love you always and for that love to grow stronger with every breath. I promise to never love you any less than I did the first time I looked in your eyes and said those three words. I promise to be all the very best things I can be: to comfort you when you’re sad, laugh with you when you’re happy, dance on my head when you’re bored. I promise to always be there for you, to give you my total love and devotion. I promise to be yours and only yours, forever and forever beyond that because my love for you is too strong to be held by time, space or any physical boundaries.

I, being the wordier one of the two of us, said:

I look at you and see so much. I see you and everything you are and can become. I see myself through your eyes. I see all the faith you have in me and I see how much you love me. In you, I see the future. I see a blessing I never believed I’d find. I see someone to dream with, clap for, and dance with.

I will love you always. You have become a part of my soul and you’ve filled my heart.

I will always believe in you. You are everything I ever needed. There are so many wonderful sides to you, kept hidden from most others. I will never be able to thank you enough for showing me those sides.

And so…if I promise to love you, can I keep you forever?


Kamrin said...

Sniff. Beautiful. Sniff. I gotta go get a tissue. Sob.

SLYM said...

I'm sorry I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary :(