Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brave or stupid? You be the judge.

The gift shop at shul is small and full of breakable things. We typically don't take the kids in there because we have common sense and no desire to pay for a very expensive glass seder plate that is now broken into 4 jagged pieces because a little person belonging to us backed into it while reaching for the brightly colored aleph-bet ruler that changes from English to Hebrew when you move it back and forth.

This week, though, at Sunday school, the teachers took their classes to the gift shop to let the kids pick out Chanukah gifts for the family. One teacher + a room full of fragile items + a bunch of first graders = ouch.

FTR, they apparently came through unscathed. As far as I know, nothing broken nothing thrown. Girl2 bought us something, but won't tell us what. She even asked the sales woman to put it in a dark bag so that the contents won't be revealed.

She explained how she contemplated buying something for her baby brother:

"I wanted to get him a soft Torah, but I thought, 'Hmmm...maybe he will not want this,' So I put it back and got your gift instead."

Yes, she said that exactly including the "Hmmm," and the "will not." Is she an android? Her reluctance to use contractions makes me wonder. I have no doubt that she's charming. Her use of the word, "Hmmm," in conversation convinced me of that.

It has been a full hour now and she has yet to give us the gifts or reveal what the package contains. Her patience impresses me. She has gone so far as to hide it away in her brother's room so that we won't open it. I did NOT have her patience at that age. I remember wrapping up my favorite ice-cream-shaped eraser as a gift for my mom and giving it to her just minutes later because I couldn't wait to give the gift. Mind you, this was probably a full month before the holiday.

In a genius move, Girl1 bought gelt. You see, we don't do candy. The only time the kids are really allowed to have chocolate is Chanukah and Purim. And so, Girl1 bought gelt. At first, I was annoyed by the fact that she bought that when she knew she was supposed to be buying gifts, but then she explained, "It's for all of us to share this Chanukah." I can deal with that.

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Katie said...

this is major OT....She's here!!!!! She was born voa emergency c-section on friday. I so need to talk to you. I am in love. Derek is an amazing father. Anyway, talk to you soon. Did you get the invite to her blog.