Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lazy days and WEDNESDAYS

So I was about to title this post when I remembered I posted 2 entries for Quotation Wednesday yesterday. Since today is not yet Thanksgiving, it must be Wednesday. That, however, means that yesterday was Tuesday (aka NOT Wednesday).

Sorry, folks. I screwed that up.

Today (WEDNESDAY) has been a lovely lazy day. I'm still in jammies. The bigger kids have picked out their own outfits (which don't match at all and are horrible in the cold weather, but we're staying in today and it makes them so very happy, so who cares?). The boy is down for his nap (2 hours late, but that's because he woke up at 11:30--3 hours later than usual). I'm letting the bigger kids watch a little PBS Kids before we make cards based on a turkey craft I saw at Halfway Hip.

It's just a nice lazy day (Wednesday to be exact). And I really like it.

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