Monday, November 19, 2007

The easiest gift ever

A few years back, I had an awful time finding scarves for my girls. I was only able to find the neck-warming goodness available in sets with gloves and/or hats. We already had the head and hand coverings covered, so that was unnecessary. Plus, I just didn't like the scarves I saw in stores. I don't knit or crochet, so that was out.

I do, however, own a pair of scissors and a baby blanket. We had this gorgeous blanket that we got as a shower gift. It's a fleece type flowered small blanket. It's pink with flowers and very very soft. My kids had long since outgrown it, but we still had it hanging around. So I held my breath and cut it into long strips. Since it was baby-sized, it was perfect for my then toddlers. They cost us nothing. We recycled. And in my oh so humble opinion, those scarves were far cuter than anything I could find in the stores.

While at Target today, I came across these animal blankets in the $2.50 area of the Dollar Section. It's a nice big square of fabric with fringed edges. It's some sort of faux fleece. I found it in red stripe (think candy cane), pink with black paw prints and blue with snow flakes. I went with the blue and cut 4 strips--3 scarves for the kids and one extra for when someone loses his/hers (yes, when, not if). I still have half left to use to make softies.

I got to thinking that we could easily make some scarves as party favors for a winter party. I don't know that we will, but hey, we could and it would be CHEAP. True, they're too small for adults or bigger kids, but they're still super cute for the younger crowd (they'd probably be good until 9 or 10 depending on how big the child is). You don't have to be able to sew. You don't have to know what on earth you're doing with knitting needles. The only skill one must posses is the ability to use scissors. So, basically, as long as you graduated from the first grade, you're good to go.

From baby blanket to super-cute toddler-sized scarf:

Here's the current view of the coat hooks inside the closet door. That's where our brand new scarves have taken to hanging out:

I passed the old scarves on to the kids to use for dress-up. They pretended the scarves were bandages. Girl1 accidentally called them "Cabbages" at one point which amused me to no end. She has decided she much prefers that word and will now call all bandages, "Cabbages." Yes, she did make that proclamation. Although, I think the old scarves/bandages/cabbages will probably get thrown into the next load of wash and then miraculously turn up again reincarnated as softies for Chanukah.


Kamrin said...

Yeah for you you crafty thang you!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I may be stealing this idea! I crochet, but it's taking me forever to finish projects these days.