Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The best gift ever

The fine folks and PBN and more people I've never heard of at Excitations (where they have lots of gifts I will never get) are asking about memorable gifts. I have a few.

1. Just before I got married, my parents gave me my grandmother's hope chest. It had lived in my parents' basement for years and was filled with pictures, cards, and scrapbooks from my grandmother (I'm named after her, but she died long before I was born). Through her collection, I saw relatives I had never seen before. I found my father's old report cards. I read cards with sweet little notes that my grandfather gave her.

2. On my very first Mothers' Day, the NICU nurses wrote up a poem about mothers and stamped each girls' foot on one. The poems were displayed on top of their incubators when we came in to see them. I cried.

3. The digital SLR camera dh gave me the day I had TheBoy. It was just before Chanukah. Not too long after my water broke (or my waters released for my fellow hynobirthers), dh gave me the camera. I got my son and an awesome camera. Cool deal! To this day, that camera is probably my favorite gift dh has ever given me. I use it all the freaking time. LOVE it.

4. I loved the gifts the girls picked out last Chanukah. It was so neat to see the thought process and so sweet that they insisted on getting a gift for TheBoy as well.

5. Maybe it didn't come complete with a bow, but I consider this to have been a gift which I was thrilled to get.

I could keep writing about this topic forever, but I'll spare you. Although, I can't promise that I won't post in the future about the worst gifts.


Robin said...

I love the gifts your girls picked last year, and the wonderful tribute to the holiday that you wrote. Really lovely.

SusieJ said...

I love number two. Wow. That would have been overwhelming.