Sunday, July 01, 2007

"What the heck is G-d going to do with a dead dog?"

Dh and I both cracked up (I cracked up. He smiled. That's "cracking up" for him) over this comment from AndreAnna left at Motherhood Uncensored (see links):

How friggen adorable. My parents told my nephew that his dog Paige was dying and when she passed away, she'd go and be with God. Then, with a straight face, he looks at me and says "But what the heck is God doing (sic) to do with a dead dog?"

Like her nephew, my kid's never cease to amaze me with the wisdom, confusion, randomness and general hilarity that spouts from their mouths.

We already have the incredibly insightful comment Girl1 came up with after Sunday school (scroll down a little bit), some comments from them on Jewish identity, their ambitious plans for the future, and I still find the first announcement absolutely hysterical.

We can't forget everyone's favorite mispronunciation.

Well, this evening, my children informed me that I'm going to have a president for a son-in-law.

My kids don't like Bush. Wonder where they got that from. Tonight, at bedtime, Girl2 told me that she was going to send Bush "Over there, away from his wife forever and he can never come back." She explained, "He's mean to the soldiers, so I'm going to be bad to him." After a brief reminder that we can always try to behave well even when others are mean to us. Without a pause, Girl2 then explained her new plans. "I'm going to love Bush and marry him." When I expressed confusion about the sudden change of heart, she explained, "That way, I can love him and be nice to him and maybe then he'll learn to be nice to other people."

Gotta admire the simplicity, the optimism and of course the logic of childhood.


Giselle said...

Dude, even if it did teach him to be nice, I think the price is way too high.


Pixie LaRouge said...

I have utmost faith in Girl2's ability to make ANYONE nice by loving them. Her ability to combat gross stupidity, however, it somewhat more in doubt. On the other hand, she's got enough brains for two, so it might work. Hopefully, should she marry a president (and it's as or more likely for her to BE a president, IMO), she'll at least get someone smarter and better-looking :) Either way, good luck LOL

AndreAnna said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning me! The sad news is that Paige finally bit it over the weekend, and when I asked my mom how Colin, my nephew, was taking it, she said "he hasn't noticed yet; we're trying to let him enjoy his day." And when he did figure it out, they told him she was in heaven and buried in the backyard with the flowers, would become part of the ground, and part of the flowers. When I spoke to him later that night, he told me that Paige was in the garden making flowers. LOL. Kids!