Sunday, January 07, 2007

Forget Xmas, we need a little funny

right this very minute. Although, maybe we can forgo the candles in the window and the carols at the spinet.

I need a giggle right now, so enjoy these:

My husband has named the dog’s stuffed bear YourNuts. This way, dh can ask, "Where's YourNuts?" The amusement is unending.

And now a word from my kids:

Yesterday, I overheard the girls playing. Girl2 tells her sister, "The kids aren't with me today. One is with her dad and my other kid is getting fixed."

A few weeks ago, dh and I stepped away from the table and when we came back, we found both girls had left. When faced with the question, "Did you ask to be excused," Girl1 replied, "Yes. I asked my sister and she asked me. We excused each other."

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