Thursday, January 11, 2007

Friends + alcohol + boobs = fun

I have the best friends in the world.

Last night, for the first time in years, I had more than one drink. Actually, I had 3--two big-ass mixed drinks (which were probably the equivalent of 4 drinks) and then a glass of wine. I also had lots of great conversation and a friend who declared herself the designated driver. WOO HOO.

We hit one place and chatted while I drank (it's very strange to go out drinking when the person you're with isn't drinking. I was afraid of making an ass of myself). Then they closed and we went looking for somewhere else to frequent. We passed Hooters. I said, "I've never been to Hooters." She said, "I haven't either." Then we both said in unison, "Let's go to Hooters." And so we did.

Now, I don't do beer. I just can't stand the taste. And yeah, that's what Hooters is all about (well, other than the obvious). I felt like such a dork because I got a glass of white zinfandel. Although, I also got a plate of the hottest wings they have (and ate them happily. While good, they were far from too hot for me). So I guess that gives me back some cool points. :-)

I had a great time and while tired in the morning, I didn't have anything remotely resembling a hangover. Woo hoo!

So yay for friends, alcohol, hotwings, oh and breasts too. :-)

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Kamrin said...

Boobs and booze. I am so wanting to move closer to you, but I hear it gets cold up there!