Monday, January 29, 2007

"Quack, quack," says the baby.

While at the ER last week (more on that later), we tried to keep the kids entertained. My brilliant husband thought to grab coloring books and crayons as we walked out the door, but The Boy prefers human interaction. That's a nice way of saying he wants to be in your arms as much as humanly possible. You can occasionally get a break if he's up for crawling around a bit or if he has food. With all the ickiness at the ER, the first option was out. Food, however, was a big hit.

At one point, we showed him one of his books with pictures of animals. We reviewed what the animals say. His very favorite animal, though, is the duck. So when we reminded him that the duck says, "Quack, quack," he was all grins.

We eventually went back to snacks. The Boy wanted a carot stick, but since he has mastered signing, "Please," he's got to do that before he gets food. So I asked him, "What do you say?" He got a giant grin and said in this scratchy voice, "QUACK QUACK." :-)

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