Monday, July 30, 2007

All I want is support. All I get is bickering.

About a year ago, a secular homeschooling list started in my local area. This was great news. I've been run off from lists that were supposedly inclusive, but wound up being Christian in disguise. On one particular group, I was horrified by some of the things posted. At one point, a lesbian mom received harassing messages both on and off list insisting she was going to hell for the "evil" way in which she "chose" to live her life and how she was essentially abusing her children.

So I left that group (which later dropped all pretense and announced it was now Christian only and then insisted people sign a "statement of faith" in order to join) and then bounced around looking for another. I'm on a few that really are Christian in disguise, but they're not chat lists, so there's nothing awful like the way that mom was treated. Granted, yeah, I do get annoyed with the posts about how folks need to report to the capitol to protest and protect marriage (Protect it from what, people who love each other and have lived in a committed relationship for far longer than most of their heterosexual counterparts? I think we've proven time and time again that marriage should be protected from us. And honestly, after some of the shit you see with young couples in the military, we probably should be protected from marriage), the completely inaccurate posts attributing all sorts of medical and moral ailments to abortion, and the random quotations about how Jesus loves you, but not YOU because you're different. Would someone please tell me what any of that has to do with homeschooling? I've never been able to figure it out.

When an acquaintance started a secular homeschooling group last year, I was thrilled. Even many of my Christian friends joined because they too were sick of the "holier than thou" attitudes seen on the Christian lists. All this time, I've been pretty happy with the group. I've asked for their opinions/suggestions on several issues and was thrilled with the responses I got.

I just left the group. A moderator raised a decent point, but, being one who loves the drama, she decided to make it all very dramatic. No one else suffers like her. No one understands what she's going through. No one appreciates her. Wah wah wah! For the past few days, the posts have consisted of people asking questions and her bitching about how much everyone sucks and how she's just going to take her toys and go home. Damn it. I joined the list for support, not drama. I unsubscribed.

DAMN IT! It was a great resource, but now it's been destroyed. Why do we have to play the one-up game? Why must we try to convince everyone else that our suffering is worse than everyone else's? Why can't we agree that we all have our own struggles and then band together to help work through them?


Kamrin said...

Dang! Same stuff happens here too! Maybe that should be a super power~ The power to end usless drama! Maybe she will go away and you can play again.

Rose said...

I want that super power!

No real chance of her going away. She's a moderator. She and her equally dramatic bff run the place. Although, in the past, she has gone away in a sense, but she really did take her toys with her and go home. She shut down another group without warning because she got annoyed.