Thursday, July 19, 2007

What would Jesus do?

Dear obnoxious people,

The entire world is not Christian. Even those who are don't particularly enjoy those obnoxious "G-d will hate you if you don't forward this to 10,000 people" Christian e-mail forwards. People who are on topic-specific message boards don't enjoy getting said forwards when the message boards have NOTHING AT ALL TO DO with religion.

Please cut that shit out. WWJD? I'm pretty sure he'd beat you senseless.

Image courtesy of Chucklenut Shirts.


Kamrin said...

I hear ya! You want me to pay some folks a visit?!? I got some aggression I want to get out!

Anonymous said...

I think I got the same one, from the same person! Um, I won't be sending any clients to this person from now on. I never expected to meet such zealots as I have on that list. If I get the question about whether it's okay to use Hypnobirthing if you're a Christian one more time, I'm going to scream!