Monday, July 23, 2007

Add this to my list of super powers.

We've already established that I am the proud possessor of powers of the super variety.

Here's another one to add to the list of super powers.

I have the amazing ability to say completely inappropriate things about penises (penisi?) when random people appear. Then again, maybe they have the super power of appearing right at the most inappropriate moments. You be the judge.

While at a party this weekend, we got on the topic of inappropriate kid penis-related things. I started to tell a story and a friend even said, "Maybe we should close the door." So I did and continued on with my story. I explained how I thought it was funny/embarassing that every time the boy reaches for the boy parts, the girls insist on asking The Boy in sing songy voices, "Do you like your penis?"

Apparently, during my story, someone walked into the room behind me and I didn't notice until I heard the door close right as I uttered the word, "Penis," in the same sing-songy voice that the kids use.

Then we ventured off into foreskin stories. I shared one as yet another worker walked in. I forget what the story was exactly, but it was yet another in the list of mortifying stories that you don't share with anyone outside your circle of friends.

How the hell did I manage to tell the stories right as people walked in EVERY SINGLE TIME? Each time, I attracted these people THROUGH A CLOSED DOOR.

I don't know about you, but my super powers amaze me!

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Anonymous said...

Not only did she appear just at that right moment, she came out of a room that none of us had even realized was there! LOL!