Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doll houses and recycling

In my parents' basement is a 3 foot tall doll house with working lights and tons of expensive furniture.

Although, I think I would have liked this better: The Perfect Dollhouse

I love that not only is it made entirely of recycled goods, but, if made the right size, it can slide right under a bed.

Look through the whole article. They have some great ideas for furniture and accessories.

I can see we're going to be busy around here. We have a home to build, decorate and furnish.

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Anonymous said...

I have numerous doll houses - one was under my bed at my parent's house (it's now in the attic waiting for me), one is in my family room (it needs dusting), one is down in my basement and one is waiting for my dad's retirement so he can finish building it for me! I also used to make my own items. Let me know if you need any ideas. The girls will love it!!