Monday, June 25, 2007

8th verse, same as the first...

A little bit louder? 3 kids later, hell yeah it's louder. A little bit worse? Nope. Not at all.

Where were you at this time 8 years ago?

I, for one, had just finished making a few life-long promises.

Back then, I got a pretty ring to mark the occasion. Today, I got more jewlery. Yay.

Dh suprised me today with this:
Here's the discription: Bereshit (pronounced like Bear eh sheet) Toggle Bracelet

"Bereshit" means" in the beginning." It's the first word that appears in Torah. It's also the name of the first book which in English is Genesis. (Torah uses the first word of each book as the title). The word is sometimes used to mark new beginnings. I want that tatooed over my c-section scar (If I don't do laser removal. I either want to get rid of that thing or reclaim it).

Dh knew I wanted the bracelet, but I wasn't expecting it. So he gets bonus points. Not only did he get me an anniversary gift, but he got one I liked and one I wasn't expecting.

I'm glad I grabbed that man up 8 years ago when I had the chance. :-)


Giselle said...

Oooh! Gorgeous bracelet! And what an awesome idea for a tattoo. I want one too.

Congratulations on eyour anniversary. Girl, you should have told me! You could have left the kids at our house and gone out for dinner together!

Pixie LaRouge said...

I can't BELIEVE I forgot your anniversary. See, told you I really am the worst sister in the world. Nonetheless, congratulations on eight years. May you have a lifetime more of the love, the aggrivation, the unending joy of a wonderful marriage. Happiness always!

Katie said...

I suck,...yet again. Sunday was a crazy busy day and I forgot. Love the bracelet though!!! It's gorgeous. Happy very late anniversary.