Sunday, June 24, 2007

I still exist & I still hate Wal-Mart.

Sorry for the absence. Things just got busy. No huge disaster or anything like that.

Although, in the midst of my busy-ness (as opposed to business), I did have "fun" while food shopping (or at least attempting to) last week. I promised you another Wal-Mart story and here it is.

Fathers' Day was that Sunday and dh HATES food shopping. We usually go on Sunday, so I decided I would take the kids on Friday while he was at work to give him a break on Fathers' Day. I walk in at Friday around 3:30. I was in the process of putting The Boy in the little seat in the cart when the power went out. Now we've been there once before when the power went out. After a few seconds, the generator kicked in. I expected that would be the case and so I went shopping.

Now there are a few things we've been meaning to buy for weeks, but we keep forgetting. This time, though, I remembered almost all of them. I even remembered a few I had forgotten that I forgot. I was so proud of myself. About 10 minutes into my shopping, though, I heard someone say the store was closing. I wasn't too concerned and kept shopping. Then a minute or two later, I heard someone else say the same thing.

So we abandoned our shopping and went on a hunt for an associate. Low and behold, I found one and asked. Sure enough, she said they couldn't get the power back on and so they were closing the store. AHHHHHHHHHH.

I was annoyed (of course that freaking happened when I was there), but not too upset. I only spent about 15 minutes in the store. I did, however, feel awful for the folks who were in line with full carts. Then a frazzled mom walked by with a cart full of formula and a crying baby. That poor hungry baby! I wondered if they'd let the mom leave cash for one container or something like that. I never did see what happened, though. She hurried past.

When we stepped outside, we realized the whole block was down. Luckily, I noticed that soon enough so that I was able to take the easiest route home (otherwise, I would have been trying to make several lefts at intersections with no power and therefore no lights). Although, I had motivated myself with the promise of the nearby Starbucks. That Starbucks was also affected by the power outage. So no coffee for me. I'm proud to say that while there was some growling involved, I did not pout.

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