Friday, June 15, 2007

At what point do I start building an arc?

That is not a pond. That is not a lake. That's my garden. Well, at least it was before the rain came.

Forget 40 days and nights, it's been raining damn near forever. We get just enough of a break for people to head out and mow their insanely high lawns. Which works wonders for my allergies. sniffle. sniffle. Then the rains start again.

Yesterday, my girls asked me, "But G-d promised He wouldn't send a flood again. Has He seen our backyard?"

I reminded them that the rainbow was a sign that He would never flood the WORLD again. He made no promises about our property.

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Irim said...

I'm guessing Noah and co. might suggest building that ark about now. In Oxford, we've only had two days of pretty solid rain and I'm thinking about it...