Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My husband, the hero

I love my husband. I love my husband. My husband rocks! I really can't say it enough. Yay for dh.

I had a stressful latter-half of the day. The boy was cranky and screaming. The girls wouldn't listen. In an attempt to shut them all the hell up and keep them distracted, we went outside where it was hot as hell. And The Boy STILL insisted on crying and whining no matter what we offered him to play with. It continued on like that into the evening. Plus my allergies have settled into my sinuses, head and throat. I was miserable.

Than dh came home from work bearing Starbucks. It was completely unexpected and exactly what I needed.

G-d bless that man!

I think Benjamin Franklin missed the mark. My husband is proof that G-d loves me and wants me to be happy.


Krissy said...

Real men come bearing Starbucks.

He's one smart cookie to bring home the item sure to send you in to fits of joy even after a crazy day. Kudos to him!!

Anonymous said...

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