Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sometimes, the dread is more painful than answering the question.

Yesterday, I was just not in a good mood, but I was determined to make today different.

At the gym, I was too exhausted to do my usual routine. I spent a good deal of my morning moaning to my friends, "I'm just not up for this." At home, I was in a bitchy mood. It wasn't by any means an awful day, but I just wasn't feeling it.

This morning, I woke up filled with dread. I have so much to do and I'm falling behind. Then, I asked myself, "Why haven't I done these things?" In the past, there were specific reasons. Now, though, it was really just petty excuses keeping me from crossing them off my list.

So before I even got out of bed, I decided today is going to be the day I get things done. Most of those, "I really need to"s are getting done. I'm finding it takes far less effort to actually get them done than it did to dread them.

Here's a list of my accomplishments thus far:

  • Got out of bed and dressed x4 (come on, when you get this done for not only yourself, but 3 little people too, that really is a big deal).
  • Called in my prescrption refill (although I gave them the wrong time for pick-up, but I can deal).
  • Put a table on Freecycle. This is an end table that's in great shape, but was rescued from the garbage (courtesy of my dad) years ago. It has traveled all over the country with us as the military moved us, but now it's an extra piece of unnecessary furniture. When we first decided to follow Kamrin's lead and simplify, I knew this table had to go. I knew I wanted to offer it on Freecycle, but just never did. Now it has been offered and a woman is coming to pick it up later today. Woo hoo.
  • Dealt with work stuff. This has been the biggest stressor. There's paperwork I needed to fill out months ago, but never did. Today, it's done and the checks really are in the mail.
  • Swept up the dining room.
  • Put on the last load of laundry (I have 3 kids, a husband and animals. There really never is a "last" load, but this is the bleach load I needed to get done). That includes throwing in the sponges that have been on the front porch ever since we washed the car last week.
  • Put paperwork in the lock box.
  • Cleaned out the bags in the dining room including the old diaper bag that needed to be tossed.
  • Pile less official paperwork on the file box. Although, that looks bad, so I'm going to take a minute right now and put it IN the box. There. Done.
  • The kids did their school work (and lots of it--their choice) all on their own.
  • Hugged the kids and told 'em I love them.
  • Vacuumed up everything that was left on the dining room floor.
  • Sorted papers that had taken up residence on the dining room table. That is my biggest hot spot. Everything piles up there.
  • Put aside the papers that need to be filled out (and in the process, found the paperwork for the work bank account that I thought I lost).
  • Filled the napkin holder.
  • Added a new blog entry.

When I see it all listed there, it really makes me feel good. Look at all that I've gotten done.

There is, however, more to do, so let me go deal with all that. I'll be back later, though. I have yet another Wal-Mart story to share. You know my Wal-Mart stories are always good.


Giselle said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!

Katie said...

Good for you!! you did accomplish alot...and with 3 kids running about!!! I am proud of you. Makes me wish I could do some clean up around here :(