Monday, August 07, 2006

When the going gets tough, the tough go shoe shopping (and then they dye their hair).

I have three new pairs of platform shoes. I ADORE platform shoes with a passion that frightens me.

Check out the three new jaw-dropping additions to my wardrobe. I adore them. This is my very favorite pair:

Yes, they really are as high as they appear. I LOVE them. I have yet to measure them, but I'm betting they're about 4 inches high. They're called "Sky-Hi" and it's oh so appropriate.

Last week, I wandered into a beauty supply store with the sister (never a good idea) and left with a red henna dye called "Fuzzy Navel" (think Claire Danes in My So Called Life). I wasn't thrilled with the spotty results (the color was pretty cool, but the dye didn't take well all over). So I figured screw it, I'll do something completely different.

And that is why my hair is now blue. Granted, it's blue/black, but still. I'm stealing the color swatch from the website, but it doesn't show up right. It's black under artificial light and blue in the sunlight. I like it. Plus it's SUPER shiny. I NEVER would have considered it, but the woman at the store the other day kept saying I had a dark enough complexion for it. Blink. Blink. Dark? I'm typically pretty pale. I'm naturally strawberry blonde if that tells you anything. I guess I'm tan enough right now, though. So I went for it.

It was the black that scared me off, not so much the blue. When I was stuck in high school, my hair went from orange to green, to yet another shade of green (which was supposed to be blue, but I was a blonde and so it turned green). I was all about the odd colors (yes, I was one of THOSE kids). For the past ten or so years, though, I've stuck with fairly normal colors (when I even bother to dye it).

When we saw the blue/black color at the store, though, my sister and I both "Oooohhhhed" over it. I said instantly, "Dh would hate that." To which my sister replied, "And that's why you need to do he's gone." And so I have.

Here are photos, but since they were taken inside with a flash, you can't see the blue. You can, however, marvel at the shine.

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Busty Babe said...

OMG!!! I love the shoes!!! I am so very proud of you!! ;) The hair color looks cool; I can't wait to see it in person.