Sunday, August 20, 2006

First the good news

I'm smaller now. I was weighed and measured at the gym after my 31 day mark.

According to their scale, I lost 6 lbs. According to my (better) scale at home (and better because it's more technologically advanced, not just because it gave me a lower reading), I've lost closer to 10 lbs. According to my measurements, I've lost 12 1/2 inches. My biggest losses were in my abs (2 inches) and my bust (2 and 1/2). Of course this is AFTER I bought a bunch of new nursing bras in the insanely large size. Oh well, I'll deal.

I'm too small for a bunch of the new shorts/capris I have including a few that are size 8s. Everyone don your pom poms and give me a WOO HOO.

On Friday, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Mom's here and we've been eating out, so I'm sure I'm not anymore, but I shouldn't be too far away. That's 20 lbs heavier than where I was last time dh deployed (the skinniest I've been in 15 years). But hey, that's better than 30 lbs away which is where I was a month ago or even the 40 lbs away I was 4 or 5 months ago.

Oh, and I got the hair chopped off. I promised to take my sister to my favorite salon for a haircut a year or two ago, but it never happened. Since mom was here, she watched my kids so we could go do just that. We both got our hair chopped off. Here we have photographic evidence. I'm the head on the left.

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