Thursday, January 10, 2008

You are NOT Suzanne Vega. Cut that out!

My life is a musical composed entirely by a set of first grade twins. They will not, however, win any Tony Awards for their lyrical wonders.

Girl2 is currently in the process of singing a song about her day where the lyrics are a jumble of those from various Signing Time DVDs (when she runs out of ideas, she yells out, "L,M,N,O") and other made-up lyrics wherein she describes what she is doing.

My whole life is like this now. It never stops. I'm all for creativity, but damn it, how the hell am I gonna survive their creativity?

The other day, Girl1 followed me around the kitchen singing about her day. "I'm walking in the kitchen. I'm looking out the window, but no one's there. I'm going to run to the back door..."

I turned to her and announced, "Hun, you are not Suzanne Vega. Please cut that out."

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