Monday, January 28, 2008

The only thing better than great friends are great friends with cool socks.

I have the coolest friends in the world.

Recently, I had to have a scary procedure done. While getting ready to head out, I purposely reached for a pair of Fragle Rock socks a friend once sent me. During the procedure, I glanced down and saw my bright yellow socks. They made me grin to myself and feel a little more at ease.

Today, a package came from that same friend. In this package was a handmade card, some stickers for the kids and another pack of cool socks.

I will be changing into a pair of them today.

I like funky socks. Even when you need to be dressed professionally, you can usually wear a pair of unusual socks. So even if the rest of the world thinks you're conforming to the norm, you know that your bright green monster socks would beg to differ.

I like odd socks, but I LOVE my friends. If you are a friend bearing socks, then you rock my world.

After opening that package today, I'm now inspired to do more little things like that for my friends. There are lots of people I want to make/buy things for just to let them know I'm thinking of them. I think I just got the kick in the pants I needed to do that.


The Mama Bear said...

I love funky socks too...used to do a lot of swapping and got lots of neat socks that way. Glad that the socks you got from your pal cheered you.

Suzie said...

Gotta admit, I'm a fan of the '80s socks which is why I picked out the fraggle socks...haven't seen those since (should have gotten myself a pair!). I do sport a Rainbow Brite pair that I adore!