Friday, January 04, 2008

Politics as a sport

An old friend of mine recently posted a blog entry wherein he mentions his contempt for those who treat politics as a sport. He refers to it as an entertaining way that those who are passionate use to escape.

I agree with a point he made about the disturbing obsession that some folks seem to have with their candidates (No, Giselle, I don't mean you and the Ron Paul-mobile) and I do see where he's coming from with the politics as a sport concept, but I think there are a group of us that he doesn't recognize.

We are a military family. I have posted over and over again about how a large part of the reason we are so passionate about politics is because it's a life or death situation for us--literally. Since I have ranted about that in the past, I won't do it again. I'll just get the point out there.

Yes, I feel strongly that I do NOT want certain people in office under any circumstances. While I'm not sold on any particular candidate just yet, I do feel strongly that there are some who would do a better job than others. I may very well be willing to go to political rallies. I may be willing to be an active part of a campaign. I may be willing to wear a cleverly-written t-shirt in support of a candidate or slap such a bumper sticker on my vehicle (since I can do that now. Woo hoo to no incumbent and a husband who is no longer active-duty).

Although we are passionate about the presidential race, there is no way in hell anyone could so much as suggest that it's "escapist entertainment" for us. And if they did make that suggestion, I can't promise that I would resist the urge to beat them over the head with a sign proclaiming my support for a particular candidate.

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