Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Next on my list of craftiness

I love these work of art clips for holding children's artwork. That would be ridiculously easy to make from things we already have lying around (although I'd probably buy some more clothes pins which are endlessly useful anyway). I do believe that will be next on my list of things to make. Hmm...that could make a great Valentine's Day gift for the big kids.

I also wonder about making one right here for the office. We already have a cork board, but that clothesline could be useful for paperwork we need and having it in plain sight would be a great reminder so that I don't completely forget it. Right now, that would be a great way to keep track of our paperwork for taxes.

One could also be useful in the entryway. It could hold the mail and maybe then I could find my dining room table from under Mail Mountain.

The possiblities are endless.


Step Into My Lair said...
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Suzie said...

Actually, we use something like that in our classroom to post student work...of course, the clips aren't as cute as the ones you posted but they are just as functional. I like to use the color-clothespins to brighten up my room.

Smirking Cat said...

I had the idea (likely from a TV show) to paint a big square on the wall with magnetic chalkboard paint, and then hang the kids' artwork there. Maybe I just want to play with chalkboard paint, but I think it would be so neat!

Phyllis Sommer said...

great idea -- and so cute.