Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank you for striking.

FTR, I support the writers' strike.

Last night, I was actually thrilled that there's a strike. The lack of anything new/decent on television lead me to search the dial. I found the latest installment of the PBS documentary, The Jewish Americans. It's fascinating.

Something else I found fascinating is that one of the historians (sorry, but I didn't catch her name) sounds so very much like my MIL. The historian's inflection and tone are so very similar to my MIL's. I'm assuming it's a NY Jew born to immigrants thing, but I just find it so fascinating that they have that in common. There are bridges between Jews all over the world. Our common thread extends from things like diet, experience, history, literature, music, etc. It's striking (pardon the unintentional pun) to find that connection in something so seemingly small as tone of voice.

Although, last night, when I mentioned to dh that the historian in the documentary sounded just like his mother, my husband's reply was, "Oh great! That's just what the world needs." You could hear the eyeroll in his tone of voice. :-)

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